The Famine in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima - 1906

The following clipping from The New York Times, 5 March 1906, provides an interesting perspective on last year's disaster.


3rd Supplementary Budget Measures for SMEs

2011 December 26, Tsukuba Center Inc., Tsukuba

This post contains notes of a briefing seminar held for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) regarding measures contained in Japan's 3rd supplementary budget for recovery from the 3/11 Tohoku earthquake.

The National Federation of Small Business Associations (http://www.chuokai.or.jp/) is administering the programs described below. The deadline for applying for all programs is 20 January 2012.


Railway tracks may become exclusive bus lanes


The East Japan Railway Co. is considering building highways exclusively for buses on out-of-use sections of three railway lines in the Tohoku region where tracks and stations were washed away in the March 11 tsunami, it has been learned.


Reconstruction Minister Blasts Tohoku Official — for ‘Bad Manners’

Update: 2011-7-6: Matsumoto resigned

New Reconstruction Minister Ryu Matsumoto lost his temper when Miyagi Governor Murai kept him waiting for a meeting, then blasted the Governor for his lack of manners and failing to remember his military training, and finally threatened to destroy any media company that reported his outburst.


Naming disasters and emotional ownership

In an earlier post, "Whose disaster is it, anyway?", I argue that emotional ownership is important for victims of a disaster to recover from that disaster. A translator, who works for the Prime Minister's office, argues that simply calling it "the 3/11 disaster" is good enough.

  • Translator: In our translations we use "the 3/11 disaster," etc
  • Me: Okay globally. Emotional ownership first to Tohoku, second to Japan, third to globe.
  • Translator: No, not global ownership issues; the term that will be used most around the globe. Globally speaking, it'll end up being "the 2011 Japan quake," like 2004 Indonesia, 2010 Chile.
  • Me: The Kan administration's first and most lasting contribution?
  • Translator: We did lots of translation for the Kantei; convinced them to abandon "Tohoku -off the Pacific" [sic]. I just don't think the question of labeling/linguistic ownership is a vital one here.